Parallel Hand:

  • LHA Linear Guide Hand
    Gripper Designed to Achieve High Durability for Use in High-Speed Applications
  • BHA Compact Cross Roller Parallel Hand
    Smooth Motion and Powerful Grip Force

Fulcrum Hand:

  • HJ Toggle Hand
    High Grip Force and Compact Body
  • HJD 180° Opening Hand
    High Grip Force and 180° Opening Angle Hand



  • ZC(ZA) Compact Guide Rod Cylinder
    Compact Guide Rod Cylinder with Built-In 2 Guide Rods
  • ZD(ZB) Long Stroke Slide
    High Rigidity and Light Weight via Large Size Hollow Guide Rod

Robotic End-Effector Device:

  • RJF & RJFS Index Table Rotary Joint
    Compact Rotary Joint for Positioner
  • KHC & KHA Auto Tool Changer
    Automatic tool change in multiple grippers and tools
  • RJA & RJG Robotic Rotary Joint
    Thin and Smooth Sliding Robotic Rotary Joint


  • CKS Thin Chuck
    “Wish the Body Was a Little Thinner...” Is Finally Responded
  • CKSF Thin Chuck
    “Wish the Body Was a Little Thinner...” Is Finally Responded
  • CKL Powerful Chuck
    Thin Compact Design, Light-Weight and High Grip Force with Cost in Mind
  • CKG Bearing Chuck
    3-Jaw Bearing-Integrated Gripper

Rotary Actuators & Index:

  • ZRA Rotary Actuator
    Thin Body, High Torque, and High Rigidity
  • ZRB Compact Rotary Actuator
    Rack Type Ultra Compact Rotary Actuator
  • ZRT 3-Position Pneumatic Index
    3-Position Indexing via Air Pressure
  • TNB 4-Position Pneumatic Index Table Multi-Position Pneumatic Index table

LED Lights:

In order to perform accurate inspection, it is crucial to obtain stable images in terms of variations in the ambient light and workpiece by
clarifying the contrast for recognizing the inspection points. At KONSEI, we propose lighting solutions that meet your requirements
with our variety of LED illuminators. We ensure stable images and reliable quality management.

Kondo Protection Status