New Era guided cylinders

New Era guided cylinders

The F-series uses high-accuracy guided cylinders that feature an
integral structure with an air cylinder built in a linear guide. This fully
brings out the high-accuracy and high rigidity of the linear guide. The
integral structure offers excellent accuracy, rigidity, compactness, and
mounting accuracy.



- Parallel Linear Gripper: High-accurate parallel gripper with linear bearing
• High-accuracy
( Centering Accuracy: ±0.07mm /
Repeat Accuracy: ±0.01mm)
• Improved installation: Installed from
3 directions
•Rich variation of size
Bore: φ6, φ8, φ10, φ16, φ20, φ32, φ50

- Since the Mechanical Linear Gripper doesn’t require pneumatic piping, it can be used wherever air piping is unavailable.
• It opens/closes with external force and supports high-speed tact time.
• It can be transported freely in long distances because it is not connected with air piping. Protection Status