NITTA Pneumatic & hydraulic

NITTA Pneumatic & hydraulic



- Tubings & Fittings : NITTA tubes are designed for a multitude of purposes, excelling in hygiene, flexibility, durability, and resistance to pressure, chemicals, heat and corrosion. Our high quality tubes are accompanied by a wide variety of fittings to optimize

- Power Transmission and Conveyor Belts: Nitta develops various types of belts for high functions and added values to fill such needs. In order to meet this generation’s market demands for faster, larger volume and more precise conveyance, Nitta has developed a variety of high-function, added value belts to fill the need.

Industrial Wiper and Molded Rubber Products: The machine tool sliding surface wiper always protects sliding surfaces of sophisticated-construction machine tools and all general industrial machinery from scissels and dust to keep machines at their best, whereby the wiper greatly improves performance. Protection Status