Nippon Oil Pump

Nippon Oil Pump

Since 1919, NOP has specialized and excelled in fluid power engineering. Today, our main products, Trochoid® Pump and ORBMARK® Motor, are widely used in various industries throughout the world. While other manufacturers offer quality pumps as well, only NOP products deliver the broad range of value sought by customers. That’s why our commitment to excellence has never wavered for nearly a century.



- Trochoid® Pumps
•Model 1 (Small capacity)
•Model 2 (Small and intermediate capacity)
•Model 3 (Intermediate capacity)
•Model 4 (Large capacity)
•Bi-Rotational Pumps
•Fuel pumps

- ORBMARK® Motors
•World Change Series
•Top Ranger Series
•High Power Series

• An all-in-one, high-to-medium
• Pressure Coolant Pump
• Vortex unit. No line and suction filters are required. The use of a Vortex unit reduces the required space to about 1/50th by volume of that occupied by a conventional coolant system. The saved space expands the available plant space, resulting in a higher production efficiency.

- Procon Pumps
• Procon pump (self-priming rotary vane water pump)
• Compact configuration and high pressure (1.4MPa) Protection Status