Steel caster OKAMOTO KOKI

Steel caster OKAMOTO KOKI

OKAMOTO KOKI Co.,LTD specialize in casters and wheels. With over 50 years of experience and outstanding performance, we continue to provide world-class casters to suit a variety of appliances in industrial and medical fields.

For industrial equipment (steel plate) : The most commonly used caster in industrial appliances. Made of rubber, urethane, or nylon with sizes ranging from 75mm to 300mm, this caster can be attached to an assortment of wheels.

For industrial equipment (stainless steel plate)  :  A stainless steel caster with SUS304 brackets. With sizes from 75mm to 200mm, this caster can be attached to an assortment of wheels.

Small Heavy Duty Caster : These small casters, featuring a diameter size ranging from 50mm to 100mm, are designed to withstand heavy load. We offer an extensive range of combinations with various types of wheels. The adjuster attached caster has its own built-in leveling glide which makes it highly reliable and easy to adjust leveling. We also offer electrically conductive wheels which you can utilize safely even in a semiconductor manufacturing line.

For office and furniture use :MY Twin Caster Series is designed for office equipment, displays, and a variety of other appliances.TY Twin Caster Series is the most popular lightweight twin caster, also available with the option of a nylon brake pedal.

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