Compact Invertor FUJI ELECTRIC

Compact Invertor FUJI ELECTRIC

Fuji Electric supplies products that incorporate power electronics technology to improve the efficiency and stability of energy.

Compact Invertor FRENIC-Mini Series:

  • High Performance and Multipurpose
  • Dynamic Torque Vector Control System
  • Slip Compensation shortens setting time
  • Fastest CPU Processor in its Class
  • Full Compatibility and User Friendly Design
  • Easy Operation and Maintenance
  • Usability
  • USB Keypad
  • Improve Maintainability
  • Energy Optimization
  • Optimum Energy Control
  • PID Control Function
  • Cooling Fan ON/OFF Control Function
  • Synchronous Motor Control


Standard type magnetic contactor, magnetic starter: SC and SW series

the SC series is a range of long service-life and high-performance contactors. SC-03 to SC-N3 small frame contactors provide snap-on fitting of numerous optional units, such as auxiliary contact blocks, coil surge suppressors, and operation counters. Field modifications are quick and easy. Type SC-N6 and above contactors come with an IC-controlled SUPER MAGNET coil, which operates from both AC and DC sources, to prevent burnt coils and contact chattering by voltage fluctuation.

Pushbuttons, Pilot lights: AR/DR16 minico series:

An integrated structure with built-in contacts that can reduce control panel depth. A wide variety of sockets are available to simplify wiring.

An integrated operator component and contact mechanism that reduces control panel’s depth.

A unified depth of 28.4mm for the Standard type and 35.9mm for the Thin type.

Thin type and Standard type available for your control panel design.

Select an optimum one to match your control panel design.

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