Nichiden always understood that the success of the company’s workforce through job always love, dedication to clients, honest and progressive.With demand for strong growth, to bring products to customers the fastest and most efficient, open up more technologically advanced equipment. Please join us to become part of a successful team, with attractive level of income, a lot of interest policy regimes and incentives for employees only in Nichiden.

Refer to the job energetic that we recruit today for the Nichiden planning for the future of your long-term career.


WE ARE HIRING!!! FROM 01/04/2022

Nichiden recuiting 2022

  •  Sales Engineer.   
  • Business Plan and report monthly, quarterly.
    Market expansion and exploitation of potential customers.
    Making supply chain.
  • Experience in sales automation devices, actuators, conveyors, pneumatic
    Has been selling machines from Japan, Europe…
    Knowing the technical (electrical and mechatronics).
    Fluency in English or Japanese.
  • Benefits:
    Join the training course maintenance in Thailand, Singapore, or Japan.
    - Dynamic work environment.
    Colleague friendly and enthusiastic.
    Allow 12 days/year.
    The holidays are prescribed.


Welcome to Nichiden Vietnam

A few of the things you can expect from working here

Present Money

You will be expected salary proposal to go to a salary that both parties are satisfied.

Summer Hours

Under the provisions of the current Labour Code, the employee is entitled holidays but still fully paid under the provisions of Article 115.

Travel Budget

Every year, the company will organize a day long trip in September to all staff and board of directors of the company.


Each individual in the company will be supporting the right kind of insurance with the current regulations of the State of Vietnam. Protection Status