Air cylinder, Valve, Fitting, Regulator, Filter, Air Dryer, Chiller, Actuator

Air cylinder, Valve, Fitting, Regulator, Filter, Air Dryer, Chiller, Actuator



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SMC Products are categorized according to various subjects such as industry, application, etc.


Arc Welding Process Equipment

  • Spatter Resistant Cylinders for Arc Welding
  • Specialty Cylinders
  • Tubing/Fittings/Flow Control Equipment
  • Gas/Air Switching Valve
  • Detection Switches

Proposal for SMC Thermo-chiller

  • Would you like to review your cooling metod using a Thermo-chiller?
  • Cost Down!
  • Quality Up!

Proposal for installation of Thermo-chiller

  • Proposal for installation of Thermo-chiller used with arc welding machines (water-cooled) and resistance welding machines.
    Supplies "cooling water" at a stable temperature anytime and anywhere!!

Equipment for Physical and Chemical Industry

  • General Purpose Equipment / Measuring Equipment / Cultivation / Separation / Analysis / Storage / Transfer / Experimental Equipment / Cleaning / Sterilization / Process Gas Equipment / High Vacuum Equipment / Clean Series / Static Electricity Elimination Equipment

Series Compatible with Secondary Batteries Series 25A
(Copper (Cu) and Zinc (Zn) Free,Compatible with a low dew point -70℃)

  • Secondary Battery Manufacturing Process and Applicable Products
  • Series Variations/Series 25A- Applicable Products
  • Related Products

ISO Cylinder

  • Air Cylinder/Series C85
  • Air Cylinder/Series CP96
  • Air Cylinder/Series C96
  • Compact Cylinder/Series C55

Air Preparation System

  • Effect on each device
  • Problems with compressed air
  • SMC Air Preparation System Flow
  • SMC Air Preparation Equipments

Environment Resistant Actuators

  • Environment Resistant Actuators Variations

Series conpatible with Secondary Batteries 90-,25- Series

  • Secondary Battery Manufacturing Process
  • Applicable Products
  • Table Comparing Materials and Treatment of Components
  • Related Products

Plant Air Energy Saving Proposal for a 50% reduction
(Figures show reliable effects.)

  • Recommend Energy-saving Equipments
  • Air Blow,Blowing by Air Gun,Air Purge
  • Actuators,Lower Pressure in the Piping Line,Low Power Consumption

Photovoltaic Cell Manufacturing Process Equipment

  • Clean,Actuators,Temperature Control,Heat Resistant, Corrosion Resistant,Non-contact Transfer,Low Vacuum,Static Electricity, Reduced Wiring, High Vacuum, Fluoropolymer ,Sensors (Detection)

Production Faccility Piping Equipment for Facilities

  • Compressed Air Line,Industrial Water (Municipal Water) Line
  • Inert Gas Line,Deionized Water/Chemicals Line
  • Instrumentation Equipment,Piping Equipment

Static Electricity Prevention Equipment

  • Antistatic Equipment,Electrostatic Removal Equipment,
  • Measurement Equipment,Technical Information

Film Manufacturing Process Equipment

  • Example of Manufacturing Process,Front-end Processes,Back-end Processes
  • Film Manufacturing Process Equipment,Technical Data

Pneumatic Equipment for Food Industry

  • Stainless,Hygienic,Resin Products
  • Serial Transmission,Ionizer,5.0Mpa Compatible
  • High Krequency,High Speed Response and Long SerVice Life Protection Status