VNREDSat – 1: Milestones of Vietnam in space

VNREDSat – 1: Milestones of Vietnam in space
Previous satellite successfully launched into orbit on May 7, 2013, was the first satellite of its kind in Vietnam to monitor natural resources of the country, the environment and natural disasters, particularly as in the case of hurricanes, floods, forest fires and oil spills. After three months of testing, the satellites transmit signals to Earth, meets all specifications.
Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan noted that the success of the project is very important not only for the study of science and technology in the country but also the political, economic issues social, defense and security. This fact confirms the sovereignty of Vietnam in space, he said, adding that the project marks an important step forward in the technology industry space after the success of satellite Vinasat1 and Vinasat 2 of Vietnam .
With VNREDSat-1, Vietnam has mastered the small satellite technology to mining and processing images of all the regions in the territory of the country effectively. Bui Trong Tuyen, Deputy Director of the Institute of Space Technology said that as of September 1, the satellite was made, transmission and image processing 9271, including 999 photographs in the territory of Vietnam.
Currently, VNREDSat-1 is operated by engineers Vietnam. In July, 15 engineers Vietnam has been certified by the company Astrium. The VNREDSat-1 was designed and manufactured by Astrium SAS Company, Space (EADS), the European aerospace and defense, with the support of EURO 55.8 million fund to support the French Official Development (ODA) and 64.82 billion VND counterpart funds.

VNREDSat – 1


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