SIMCO JAPAN Hand tool and measuring tool

SIMCO JAPAN Hand tool and measuring tool



- FMX-004 Handy Digital Electrostatic Fieldmeter: FMX-004 is a convenient, compact and pocket-sized. You can measure a charged level up to ±30kV and polarity.

- Charge Plate Monitor EA-5J
1. Measure decay-time and ion-balance with one push button (Auto Mode).
2. Max 1000 data memory with just {SAVE} button
3. Analog output is the standard equipment. With data-logger, it is easy to make charts/graph and the reports
4. The standard place is certified with ANSI/ESD-STM3.1-2000. Also the smaller place is available

- Work Surface Tester ST-4
Measurement functions
· Surface resistivity measurement
· Total electrical resistivity (Earth ground resistance) measurement
· Measurement area (50mm x 50mm)
· Surface resistivity (103Ω Protection Status