“Think Customers”

We always give full support to customers’ design and manufacturing through a broad range of standard & custom made product.

Set Collars

Broad variation only available by the leading Set Collar manufacturer. Many optional parts, such as butterfly bolts, soft pad bolts, etc., including additional custom work of countersinks, threaded holes, enlarged I.D. etc.

Shims & Spacers

Precise Gap Adjustment

Wide range of thicknesses from 0.005mm fit every gap. Useful for height adjustment of motor bases, centering of pillow blocks and also for positioning of ball bearings in machine assembling. Quick delivery on the next day even for “semi-custom” products.

Trims and Trim–Seals

Protection of “Edges” by easy installation

Protection of edges with quality appearance.

Sensor Brackets

Sensor Brackets

Wide range matching in your various installation work. Applicable to a broad range of sensors, photoelectric, proximity, fiber, micro, from leading sensor suppliers. Wide assortment of fitting attachments and sensor stands, composed of shafts and joints, also make your installation job easy.

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