Kohara Gear Industry Co., Ltd

Kohara Gear Industry Co., Ltd

Word – Class Stock Gear Manufacturer
As one of Japan’s leading stock gear manufacturers, Kohara Gear Inducstry Co., Ltd. (KHK) offers a wide range of stock gear product lines, and with custom gear manufacturing technology backed by our extensive know- how, we have the flexibility to meet the varying demands of our customers. As a gear manufacturer, our greatest strength is our product lineup of both stock gears and custom gears. Today a majority of great manufacturers and trading companies limit themselves to just one of these product types, but we have been able to establish a leading presence in the gear industry through our ability to supply both types. In general, our main product lines consist of spur gears, bevel gear, helical gears, worm gear, and rack and pinion. Please visit our website at http://khkgear.net/ for more information on our gear selection.







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