Automated Storage/Retrieval System

Automated Storage/Retrieval System




Pallet & Heavy Load Storage Systems

Unit Load AS/RS

Daifuku's storage systems enable companies to recapture floor space, improve efficiency and ensure inventory control. Our Unit Load AS/RS (Automated Storage/Retrieval System) is our most popular system.

The Mobile Rack provides twice the storage of a fixed rack because it moves loads to open aisles. We also have the New-Goodrackavailable for conventional pallet storage.

Small/Medium & Light Load Storage

Mini Load AS/RS

Daifuku provides a variety of storage options for piece and cased items that are safe and easy to operate. The Mini Load AS/RS is effective for high throughput of containers and cartons.

The Vertical Carrouselefficiently uses the ceiling space and the Horizontal Carrouselenables employees to pick without walking.

Sorting & Picking Systems

Picking Cart System

Daifuku offers various sorting and picking systems. The Surfing Sorter sorts unstable loads and also long materials. The pick-to-lightDigital Pick System indicates the pick location and

the Picking Cart System provides picking instruction on the cart monitor as the operator moves through the aisle.

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