Convum Vacuum device MYOTOKU

Convum Vacuum device MYOTOKU

Solution for Vacuum Technology

In 1972, the “CONVUM” ejector-type vacuum was produced. Since then we have established ourselves as pioneers in the manufacturing of vacuum generators. The globalization of the industry and base production, the need to diversify and to challenge the issues of various global environmental issues, Myotoku, a long standing development-oriented, technology-infused company, pledges to continue growing and meeting customer demands.


CONVUM is a vacuum generator that uses compressed air to generate suction (negative pressure). Compressed air is released (ejected) from the nozzle, therefore earning the name “ejector” or “ejector pump”.


Suction Pad:

The pad is a product that utilizes the suction (negative pressure) obtained from the CONVUM vacuum generator to adsorb and lift workpieces (adsorbates). The pad acts as that of a human “hand” or “finger”.

Pressure Sensors:

Our company’s pressure sensors, which focus on air pressure, are used for a variety of applications including suction confirmation, seating confirmation, and source pressure management.

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