Bando Chemical Industries, Ltd.

Bando Chemical Industries, Ltd.

Energy-Saving Red

Energy-Saving Red is an environmentally friendly and energy efficient belt which also reduces CO2 emissions. With reduced torque loss and mproved transmission efficiency, it is possible to save up to 6% more energy. Furthermore, compared to our V-belts Standard, the Energy-Saving red uses 30% fewer belts, enabling more compact equipment.


Energy-Saving POWER ACE™

The Energy-Saving Power ACE is compact with high-speed operation, high-speed transmission, and a long product life. Reduced torque loss and improved transmission efficiency saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions without compromising transmission capacity. Improved flexibility and heat reducing capabilities make for a more reliable performer than the Power ACE.


Standard synchronous transmission belts, combining the attributes of gears, chains and belts.



Available in load tolerance type or low hardness friction type


Belt Products for Light Duty

Belts for general conveyance applications

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