High quality precision Ball Transfers are often used in the industrial world and daily life. We check our products under strict quality control, especially Turn Tables, which hold the No.1 share in Japan. Custom-made Ball Transfers and Turn Tables are also available upon request.

Ball Transfers are a basic, fundamental support in today’s society, for applications such as production lines, ship yards, ports, multi-layer parking lots, medical facilities and laboratories.

Cleanroom Ball Transfer

Cleanroom Ball Transfers are a standard alignment and positioning system for glass substrates all over the world since it was first invented for FPD production equipments.


Air Ball Lifter

ISR Series pneumatic Air Ball Lifters have a unique construction - a combination of a high precision-machined ball transfer with an air cylinder. This unique device uses compressed air to lift a load / tool from the table surface position and rotate it in any 360 degree direction on a horizontal plane, an economical and labor saving unit. Roll on - Roll off facility dramatically reduces tool change over times.

SW Type Special Wheel

Wheels with radial and thrust loads combined. This product is mainly used as a guide wheel on the outer side of Turn Tables. Applications such as rotary pallet changer, traverse wheels and Extreme load wheels to carry heavy cargo.

Turn Table

ISB is the only manufacturing company to produce Turn Tables expertly.ISB Technology is sophisticated and we face a daily challenge to evolve it.As a result, we not only supply the top number of Turn Tables in the parking lot industry, but also, in various environments such as the manufacturing line, motor shows, fashion events, etc. Protection Status